first case confirmed in a child from Île-de-France

Le jeune garçon has been diagnosed and shows no signs of seriousness. A first. In a statement issued on Saturday, the Agenré Régionale de Santé (ARS) in Île-de-France announced that the prime minister had been confirmed by smallpox in a child in primary school in the region. He has been taken care of and shows … Read more

a first case confirmed in a child in France

The announcement was made by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Île-de-France. L’enfant est scolarisé in a primary school in the region. Supported by the health services, it shows no signs of seriousness according to the ARS statement. The article redigé par publicly on 25/06/2022 22:42 Lecture time: 1 min. This is the first case of … Read more

Miraculous Asvel wins a third consecutive French title

Apotheosis. The decisive match 5 of the final of this season 2021-2022, between Asvel and Monaco, kept its immense promises. The two ogres of the Championship delivered on Saturday night a masterpiece of the match, the stakes of which were magnified by actions of immense class, which came to feed a scenario of madness. Who, … Read more

Why do flight attendants keep their hands behind their backs when passengers board the plane? The amazing reason

When we board a plane, the posture of the flight attendants who greet us with their hands behind their backs may seem intriguing. Discover the message behind this gesture but also the other specifics of the profession of flight attendant. Hostess – Sursa: spm Flight attendants keep their hands behind their backs when boarding passengers: … Read more

meeting with Caroline Maya, la Française sacrée championne du monde de pizza

publicly on 25/06/2022 20:53 Updated on 25/06/2022 21:03 FRANCE 2 The article redigé par O. Lenuzza, R. Mathé, D. Chevalier – France 2 France Televisions The French Caroline Maya was dedicated in Italy, in Parma, at the last World Pizza Championships. Chronicle of a family history. It floats in a residential area of ​​Saint-Priest (Rhône) … Read more

Abandonment of pets: the ways to end this scourge

Prevention messages and sanctions do little to stop the phenomenon. Every year and especially during the summer, it’s the same thing. Tens of thousands of four-legged companions are abandoned and doomed to wander. An act of abuse fined him up to 45,000 euros and three years in prison.

Aggression, the 400m hurdles title and the minimums for the World Athletics Championships: the Wilfried Happio clash in Caen

Wilfried Happio, on the strangest day. Assaulted twenty minutes before his race, the 400 m hurdles rider was crowned French champion on Saturday in Caen with a blindfold, in a surreal atmosphere. Black jersey and black headband sideways hiding a bandage on his left eye, the 400m hurdles specialist flew over his run and revealed … Read more