The kitchen with wood fire at L’Auberge Refuge de Bellecombe in the commune of Val Cenis Termignon

Le refuge, a former farm alpine pasture, is located in Bellecombe, in the commune of Val Cenis Termignon, in the Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Home in all the simplicity of several generations, in a warm and authentic place. We enjoy good specialties: stewed tartiflette with diots and bacon, roast beef…. the beaufort ham pancake, meat simmered … Read more

What your eyes reveal about your health

The University of California, San Diego, can develop a smartphone app that can quickly and easily detect early signs of several neurological problems, not Alzheimer’s disease. Cometary? Through the phone camera, able to track the size changes of a person’s students at a resolution level less than a millimeter. The analysis of these measures can … Read more

After seven seasons, Angel Di Maria will leave PSG

This is a turning page. For him but also for PSG. Except for an unlikely turnaround, Angel Di Maria will play against Metz on Saturday night, concluding this season 2021-2022, fiul 295e and last game under the colors of the capital club where he will have stayed seven seasons. .

The news is good for the little girl’s dog, 2 weeks after she was found attached to an arson

© Kylie Rose Engelhardt / Facebook Les choses ont connu une tournure positive for Baby Girl, this dog that was abandoned and attached to a fire hydrant. She moved into her new home. The story of daughter had moved many Internet users, both in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States and around the world. … Read more

The ephemeral performance hall “La Cuisine” opened on Friday, in Nice, with Carole Bouquet

The new ephemeral theater hall purchased by the City will be inaugurated this Friday evening at 8 pm, with a tragedy by Racine – Bérénice – staged by the director of the Théâtre national de Nice (TNN), Muriel Mayette-Holtz. Featuring actress Carole Bouquet. In the accompanying 2025 Located right next to the Nikaïa Palace, “La … Read more

Noi avem wrongly drawn these “saber-toothed cats”

Previous interpretations have been shown of saber-toothed felines with exposed upper canines. A recent study combining fossils and existing specimens reveals, however, a different appearance of life, at least for one of the most common saber-toothed species in the ancient history of the Earth. Homotherium latidens was the most powerful Pleistocene saber-toothed cat of the … Read more

a first suspicious case detected in Ile-de-France

Public Health France reported that the first suspected case of monkeypox was detected in Île-de-France on Thursday, without revealing more about the patient concerned. A premiere in France. This Thursday, Santé publique France revealed in a document sent to health professionals that a first suspected case of monkeypox had been detected in Île-de-France. No other … Read more