12 stray dog ​​breeds

Australian Shepherd, Dalmatian, Chihuahua… Today, there are a multitude of dog breeds across the planet. But, do you know that some dog breeds have disappeared? In order to learn a little more about the subject, we suggest you discover 12 dog breeds that no longer exist today due to sudden changes in their habitat and therefore their way of life.

The woolly dog

The Salish people lived in a large area of ​​British Columbia in Canada and in northern Washington, USA. They were one of the only peoples in North America to raise dogs for their hair to weave and make blankets or clothes. Fortunately, the dogs were not killed: he received special care. These dogs in question were woolly dogsalso called Salish wool dogs. It looks like a mixture of a spitz and a poodle. In addition, they had white woolly fur and were small in size. Wool dogs may therefore have been Nordic dogs because of their cold-adapted hair.

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