16 Essential Kitchen Gadgets That The Culinary Editor Can’t Do Without | Weekend

While much of the cooking is a matter of practice and instinct (I know, for example, that 40 g of flour is about a tablespoon), there are times when the scales are essential. It’s not the accuracy of digital scales that I enjoy, but the way you can reset them after each ingredient is added, which means more delicate mental calculation. Don’t be tempted to switch to more gadgets than necessary. Really connect to the balance of a phone app
Salter Arc Pro Stainless Steel Platform Digital Kitchen Scale, £ 24.99, johnlewis.com

Is a knife a gadget? Je ne suis pas sur, but you also have a decent ensemble, you can switch to most other instruments. I like Wusthof’s Ikon range, which is a western style blade (a little heavier, less brittle)

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