21 dogs found “in great distress” in a house

Alert, among neighboring cares, the services discovered on the spot a distress of unsuspected magnitude, mixing “human misery” and “animal”, described the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) of Capbreton, called to recover and take care of a twenty Belgian shepherds.

“Brawls, hunger, dogs become unmanageable and make the law”

Dax’s gendarmerie and prosecutor’s office declined to comment for the time being. At this point, the case is being prosecuted.

“The nightmare has begun”

On Wednesday, May 11, at SPA Côte Sud-Ouest, he described on his Facebook page the “dramatic conditions” of this intervention. “When we got there, we were far from imagining what we were going to find. 21 dogs in great distress and 1 dead. This family, with young children, a mother who is participating in a new child, lived with her dogs. This family has been overwhelmed, ”says the shelter. According to our information, the children were in school.

The SPA presented “the history as we know it today”: “The Malian woman escaped during her heat in full confinement, she returned full. People tried to give the puppies without success since at that time it was impossible to move. Dogs grew up and it became impossible for them to find adoptive families. Then the neighborhood problems begin. »

“To avoid the trouble, the family kept them all inside, that’s where the nightmare began. Lack of resources, lack of time with babies, family can’t come face to face. Dogs get big and breed. Brawls, hunger, dogs become unmanageable and make the law. Destruction, impossible cleaning excrement, the family is scared and lowers their arms, ”continues the SPA, which published a photo of the interior of the home with a call for donations on Leetchi.

The SPA was “used to complicated situations, but it was really unthinkable.” According to the organization, the family has called on associations in recent months, “without success.” “Dogs are Malinois and no one can take care of them,” she said.

“Today we have to deal with very skinny animals, they are about ten kilos each. They are parasitic, injured – surgery due to infected wounds will be needed – they have otitis, and many other health concerns are to be expected “, adds the Capbreton SPA, which is launching a call for solidarity:” We really need help to be able to carry out all the care without any restrictions. 21 dogs at once, it’s very heavy. »

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