277 confirmed cases in France, including a first wife

The vast majority of cases were detected in Île-de-France after Santé Publique France. No deaths were reported.

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La variole du singe is always present in France. Pay has identified 277 confirmed cases of monkeypox virus infection since the outbreak of the disease in the territory, according to a report by Public Health France published on Tuesday, June 21. No patients died.

The previous assessment, published on June 16, reported 183 cases. “A female prime minister has been confirmed”specifies Public Health France, which adds that “Mode of transmission is under investigation”. To date, monkeypox virus contamination, currently present in some 40 countries, has mainly (but not only) affected men who have had homosexual intercourse.

The vast majority of cases reported in France were observed in Île-de-France, with 195 cases according to health authorities. The rest is divided between several departments, including Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (16), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (14), and the Hauts-de-France (12). The monkey’s smallpox first results in a high fever and quickly develops into a rash, before healing spontaneously after two to three weeks.

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