The kitchen is one of the pieces in those things that spends the most time. It is therefore important to choose the right colors. What if we adopted green?

they vert it comes in a multitude of shades. Sage, fir, emerald So many greens to adapt to the style and atmosphere that you want to bring to your kitchen. So here it is 9 shades of green to invite in his kitchen.

Green kitchen: what atmosphere to give it?

Green automatically gives one soft touch to the piece, and this, whatever the shade. In addition, it can be easily adopted plant trend, very popular lately. For a small kitchen, use a light green like mint green, water green or pastel green. These shades should lighten the room and make it visually larger. In kitchens of ordinary size, khaki, green fir or the emerald green impose themselves as classics that do not wrinkle.

Green kitchen: what to associate it with?

Green has the ability to associate with many other colors and various and varied materials. We love it with white but also pink or charcoal gray. The green marries wonderfully well with the Bois for a natural and authentic atmosphere. Is he resurrected to shine? Opt for the zellige verta very trendy tile that can be found in the most beautiful kitchens.