A 4-year-old boy accidentally undergoes a vasectomy during an operation, his parents continue the hospital

Last year, a 4-year-old American boy had a swelling in his groin, neither red nor painful, which was louder at night. Her parents took her to consultant at Texas Children’s Hospital, rapporteur Sacramento bee. He was heard by urologist Susan L. Jazosz, who diagnoses a hernia and suggests laparoscopy surgery to retire her, and it was scheduled for Aug. 4, 2021, the complaint said. However, during the procedure, which is performed without a large incision, with cameras passed inside the body, she also mistakenly removed a canal carrying sperm.

An accidental vasectomy

When the hernia was retired, she was sent to the hospital laboratory for examination. The report showed that a canal was accidentally retired, creating a partial and involuntary vasectomy au petit garçon. “You expect things to happen in life, but not unnecessarily in the hands of a surgeon, who just cut the wrong piece of anatomy. We think the surgeon accidentally cut the vas deferens. “One of the tubes that carries sperm. It could affect this young boy for the rest of his life. It’s not a common mistake at all. Before a naked doctor cuts off part of the anatomy, it’s supposed to positively identify what that part is and then cut. Here, the doctor was unable to accurately identify the part that needed to be cut. “Randy Sorrels, the family’s lawyer, told Fox4News. No other similar error is attributed to Dr. Jazosz.

The parents were informed of the mistake made by the surgeon and the hospital advised them to tell their son what had happened when he was old enough to understand. On their a also indicated that this can reduce its fertility. “Parents are now facing a difficult task to explain this to their children at the appropriate age.”summarizes the process request that was filed.

The family is pursuing the hospital

Due to the fertility problems that this partial vasectomy could generate, the parents of the little boys, 5 years ago decided to continue the hospital in court. Indeed, they want to get repairs and financial compensation for “Her future medical expenses, her future mental pain and anxiety, her future disfigurement, her physical disability, and her future expenses for fertility treatments”. In fact, in addition to having to explain to his or her future partner that he or she may not have a child if they want to have one, procreation care (AMP) is routinely paid for in the United States. , and it is extremely expensive. Or, “These are considerations that a typical 4-year-old doesn’t have”, recall family representatives. She therefore claims between $ 250,000 and $ 1 million (€ 236,393 and € 945,570).

In a statement, the hospital simply stated: “Texas Children’s Hospital’s top priority is our patient’s health and well-being. Due to medical secrecy, we cannot comment.”

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