A bitch fighting cancer is the winner of the Pet of the Year Award for her altruism

Gypsy is an 11-year-old Border Collie who has spent most of her life coming to the aid of congeners in need after being rescued by her mistress herself. Even though he was diagnosed with cancer, he continued to give a person. A feat that deserves to be the big winner of the Pet of the Year award.

Jo Yoli resides in the city of Salein the Grand Manchester EN England, with Gypsy which she adopted in refuge 10 years ago. The poor woman was wild at the time, as she had lived in complete autonomy on a farm in a pack of dogs. “She didn’t want to go inside and had never been surrounded by people, so she was terrified at first.”stated OJ A Veterinarians Now.

The 40-year-old was not at her first rescue. In fact, she works in such a welcoming family for a local refuge. She therefore receives abandoned and / or neglected dogs, cats and rodents at her home. “I tend to take canids with special needs, especially with broken gold that has been abused, as well as many newborn orphan kittens that need to be bottle-fed.”he specified OJ.

A vocation is not

As soon as Gypsy was integrated into her new home, she began to assist her mistress. She groomes the kittens, plays with the dogs and brings comfort to the most unfortunate. “When I have adopted rabbits, she sits with them in the garden and watches them gently.”testified OJ.

Article illustration: A bitch fighting cancer is the winner of the Pet of the Year award for her altruism
Jo Yoli / Facebook

In late 2021, the vet diagnosed cancer in Gypsy during his annual inspection visit. It did in fact have an outgrowth at the scapula. Posterior computed tomography showed that the sarcoma had not spread. However, he had heart cancer.

Surgery removed the tumor in the removal of a piece of bone. In addition, she is taking treatment to neutralize the progression bolii in her chest.

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Despite this difficult ordeal, Gypsy continues to care for the residents of his home. Her altruism and kindness led the jurors of the Pet of the Year competition to nominate her in the final. “Taking care of others is innate in her and I’m so proud that she received the Vets Now Pet of the Year award.” confided OJ.


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