a biting dog placed in a pound

At around 5:40 p.m., a witness who had come to the neighborhood to pick up some nature on the Boulevard Jacques-Chaban-Delmas in Bruges, dialed 17 and alerted of the moving and aggressive presence of a dog he had. first believed in rambling near the playground.

He was not kept on a leash by his owner, who was asked in vain to recall his pet. But the dog, who seemed excited or frightened by the screams and running of the children or by the parents who did not hesitate to use a stick or piece of wood found on the ground to protect their offspring, did nothing but at his head.

Involuntary blessings

And he showed and gave fangs, sometimes reaching his targets. One child was blessed in the two, an adult at the hip, and another dog was also bitten. Firefighters were called to the rescue and provided first aid.

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