a broker and manager who reinvents personal insurance

Insurance and health issues weigh heavily on business. Due to lack of time, the technicality of these topics is more important, and managers and HR services increasingly need trusted third parties to manage them. For 50 years, the COLONNA group has been delivering its know-how in social protection while adding new energy to its business.

The human at the heart of performance

The social protection sector is lagging behind in terms of innovations; paid third parties and teleconsultation were the most notable advances in recent decades. The COLONNA group was invited to the market 50 years ago with the ambition of rethinking the way the group insurance business is run. This 100% independent family business has been passed down from generation to generation and is now in the hands of Xavier COLONNA. Leadership and the desire to keep the DNA and savoir-faire of the group, also relevant in its skills, to satisfy the new employees of the client companies, to support an innovative approach to the trades.

As a board for managing the administrative tasks of the insured, the company intervenes on the entire value chain in personal insurance. Truly convinced that a balance between the economic performance of enterprises and well-being au travail is possible, the group has chosen smart digitization in the development of tools and technologies that will allow it to operate this transition successfully. The group works to implement innovative solutions and tailor it to ensure the best possible level of collaboration. In the pursuit of this virtuous circle between well-being and business growth, it is the defiance of the COLONNA group. A challenge that is part of a modern strategy in line with our time: to put technology at the service of the human, not the other way around.

The COLONNA group: a broker and manager who reinvents personal insurance COLONNA Group

A center of expertise based on three ambitions

The support offered by the COLONNA group is based on a plural savoir-faire and segmented into three poles. It is the complementarity of these three expertise, which allows the group to provide a global service with high added value.

Offer personalized social protection advice

The legitimacy acquired by the Group in the field of group insurance of persons over 50 years of age is closely linked to the quality of the expertise of COLONNA Broker, so that it is reserved for the group of privileged persons of proximity and transmission. know its client companies. In a sustainability approach, this role of advisor allows clients to see their contracts always being re-examined so that they remain adapted to their requirements. Thanks to a large network of partners, profitable businesses with tailored, innovative and suitable solutions to turn regular developments into opportunities.

Participates in the active management of group insurance

The Group also serves as a group insurance manager. This approach is materialized through a certified service center that operates to the satisfaction of employees: Facility COLONNA. Anticipating needs, renegotiating contracts in line with changes in companies, this entity manages all Health and Provident coverage. Thanks to the 300 experts, the drastic structure of the administrative tasks of the enterprises.

Performance optimizer due to data science

Nourished by the desire to push the boundaries of innovation, the imaging group xCO Analytics is an increased offer of advice based on Data Science. From 2018, this new ambitious entity to allow companies to activate new levers of management and organization. More specifically, xCO Analytics searches for and collects data in order to analyze and understand the company’s internal malfunctions. The creation of a new pole translated into the new strategic impulse of the group initiated by Xavier Colonna: to rely on a know-how of 50 years while opening the perspectives, by reinventing itself. xCO Analytics, led by co-founders Cyril and Nicolas Smet, translates this perspective.

An international development to maximize performance

With the acquisition of xCO Analytics, the COLONNA group has made a strategic shift towards digital, which is more the Group’s desire to transform processes by relying on Data Science and technological tools. To this strategy is added the goal of international development, with the creation of a dedicated cluster.

The acceleration of this development responds to the Group’s desire to meet the needs of client companies wishing to guarantee their staff a system of social protection and social security throughout the world, while responding to new challenges in a world in perpetual transformation. Attracting new talent, investing in existing employees, developing ever more powerful digital tools, the Group is evolving by maintaining a close link between technology and human capital. Thanks to “the audacity, performance and a deep sense of the human being, we want to launch a new way of practicing the business of group insurance”, Xavier COLONNA aspires to the rebirth of the Group through a strategic impulse imprinted with meaning.


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