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– Posted on June 22, 2022 at 8:09 AM

Participate in Nightmare in the kitchen without benefits. Candidates received terrible comments that even led them to commit suicide. They decided to file a complaint.

Television is not only good, and a former Naked Nightmare candidate will not be able to say otherwise. In 2020, a trio of sisters called on Philippe Etchebest to help them save his restaurant. Thus, the viewers got to know Séverine, Mélanie and Mylène, with three strong characters. The sisters tore themselves apart and could not agree. Chief Etchebest came to their rescue, as did the M6 ​​teams. Unfortunately, their participation in this famous show will have had a terrible repercussion. Hatters violently attacked the three candidates, pushing them to suicide, and even two years later.

During an interview with Tele-Loisirs, Melanie made terrible revelations. If their restaurant is still open, she explained: ” There are still jealous people who leave us with bad reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, saying that it is inedible, disgusting, and that one should be ashamed of having had a nightmare in the kitchen, while they never came to eat there … And the derogatory comments did not stop there. The young woman from the Bouches du Rhône added: « We were attacked directly on our physique, we were told we could go throw ourselves from the top of a bridge, do cosmetic surgery… It was very, very far away ”

Melanie: “We were attacked on our physique”

The trio then made a radical decision. « Pe a property obviously filed a complaint with the gendarmerie«, she continued. And of course : “But we knew it would be filed without action and that’s the case.” Now, we live with it, we haven’t reached it anymore (…) The psy called us to find out if we had a good time with the broadcast, with all the comments we received. Personally, I said, ‘It’s like this.’ We get criticized, but she can’t do anything about it … »

Nevertheless, Nightmare in the Kitchen had a positive impact on the three sisters. « Today it is getting better. The show helped us a lot, ”he said. Melanie acknowledged, before continuing: “There are exchanges that we don’t see on the air, but when the chef spoke to all three of us, it lasted ten minutes on the show when in reality it was for 2 hours. We had received a message from our mother, asking us to stop tearing ourselves apart. Of course, these are key words that strike us, that we keep in mind and that push us to change. » In the end, Mélanie, Séverine and Mylène only kept the positive and took up their challenge.

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