A cat walks 19 miles to be reunited with the family who abandoned him

In February, the family of this cat, named Toby, took him to a new home. He had no idea why he was forced to give up the family, but he missed them too much. So Toby decided to run away, and after walking 19 km to his former family’s house and arriving at their door, instead of being greeted, he received the saddest answer.

Wara County SPCA Communications Director Tara Lynn told The Dodo:

“They took him to a shelter and asked him to sting him.” It was so heartbreaking to learn that he had succeeded in joining his family, and that was their answer. ”

The shelter refused to sting Toby contacted SPCA, who immediately took care of him. At SPCA he began to provide medical care, he did not need to prepare to find a new foyer.

© SPCA of Wake County

A cat walks 19 km to find the family who abandoned him

Country said:

“She was tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus and had an upper respiratory tract infection. We treated him for the infection, which took a while. »

Although he no longer has a family, Toby quickly became attached to the shelter staff.

The country also states:

“He was very kind. It is simply the typical sweet cat: it wants to receive love and you love. »

© SPCA of Wake County

Once the rescue team posted information about Toby on social media, the calls flooded in. Michèle Puckett, of Raleigh, North Carolinarushed to the shelter to meet him, and the rest belongs to history.

Country adds:

“She didn’t hesitate at all. She was on a construction site and she dropped everything to come here. »

Fortunately, Toby was officially adopted last Friday, and it didn’t take long for him to move directly into the family. In addition to two new sibling cats to play withToby has two new human siblings.

Seeing how comfortable Toby is with his family, Michèle can’t help but think of the sad fate that her former masters had chosen for him.

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“It’s really hard to understand how someone could have let him get killed like they did. It’s shocking, but we’re so grateful he was saved. “

Tara thinks the same thing and hopes that Toby’s story will help make a difference for other pets and that they will be able to find a second chance through rescue groups, just like him.

Tara then launches a call of hope:

“There are tons of pets that are easily thrown away by their family or a breeder. I really hope this inspires other people to get into adoption. »

© SPCA of Wake County

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