a child asks Philippe Etchebest for help

NIGHTMARE IN THE KITCHEN. After being called by the sons of an establishment manager, Philippe Etchebest travels to the Loire-Atlantique, more precisely to the Chapelle-Aunay to the rescue of a roadside restaurant.

[Mis à jour le 22 juin 2022 à 17h15] Nightmare in the kitchen comes back on M6, on June 22 at 9:10 p.m. Philippe Etchebest comes to the aid of Raphaël, the manager of a roadside restaurant in the small town of the Loire-Atlantique, La Chapelle-Launay. In this unpublished episode, the chef is called to the rescue of the young sons of the restaurateur.

The manager’s son appeals to M6

In this episode of Season 11 of Nightmare in the Kitchen, Philippe Etchebest helps out at the restaurant Beau Soleil. The manager’s son, Gabrielonly aged 12 years called on the show to lift his father’s spirits “since the restaurant no longer works, i find dad less happy“explains the young boy in an excerpt from the episode.”one’s father is demoralized, it’s not cool to see his father sadThe chef promises to do his best to help them with the restaurant.

Is the restaurant still open?

With the switch to the show, the roadside restaurant stands out in the beauty of the decor up the menu, such as the Ouest France report. Beau Soleil Restaurant it is always openfrom Monday to Friday for continuous service from 8 am to 4 pm, on site as well as on delivery.

Nightmare in the kitchen in the storm?

The twins Mélanie and Mylène and their sister Séverine were first discovered in public in June 2020 with their restaurant. Durancette at Sénas in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Mélanie explains in an interview agreement with Télé-Loisirs that she is subject to cyberbullying because of the numerous rebroadcasts of their episode, three times in two years. Yet she states: “it had been asked not to be rebroadcast ”. Elle says that the restaurant has a bad opinion on the internet “saying it’s inedible, disgusting ” but she claims that these people „Never came to eat on the spot“.

It goes even further, she then confides: “Ohn attacked us directly on our physique, we were told we could go throw ourselves from the top of a bridge, do cosmetic surgery“. They have filed a complaint but the case was unfortunately dismissed without further action. As a reminder, cyberbullying is a crime punishable by law, a convicted adult faces up to 3 years in prison and a € 45,000 fine.

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