A computer failure paralyzes the Health Insurance site

Users have the option to log in to their account, but are blocked when they validate their work interruption.

The Health Insurance website has been accumulating computer problems since last night. According to the DownDetector website, the first reports started around 5pm on Wednesday and were a little over 10 hours on Thursday.

Unable to connect to their accounts. «We are currently experiencing disruptions to our site. Our technical experts are mobilized to restore service as soon as possible. Repeat your connection laterSaid the site. In a tweet, the health insurance teams mentioned that the problem was fixed and that the new platform was available.

If it is now possible to log in to his account, naked users can request his work stoppage. When the form is validated, the following message is displayed: «a technical error has occurred». «I spent 45 minutes waiting on the phone to be told to try again tomorrowFanny, a 26-year-old student, laments. Elle adds that his teams said that at «maintenance was on the rise».

«A technical error has occurred», Is displayed when the form is validated. Print Screen

These incidents also cause side effects for professionals. Doctors no longer have the option of billing their clients for teleconsultation, or issuing work stoppages. They are therefore forced to fill out the care sheets directly on paper.

The Health Insurance teams have not yet shared more details about this outage.

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