A connected chat collar allows gendarmes to find a burglar

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The GPS (Global Positioning System), present in many land, air and sea vehicles, but also in a majority of smartphones, is now part of our daily lives. Unisciel et l’Université de Lille 1 we explain, with the Kézako program, the operation of the system and we recall its history in this educational video clip.

« Badly acquired never benefits. This man, suspected of a burglary near Toulouse, will be able to meditate on this proverb since he will appear immediately on Tuesday, May 31st. The newspaper West France informs us that he was arrested by the gendarmerie in the Ariège, less than 24 hours after committing his robbery, a few kilometers from the place of the robbery.

How did the authorities quickly get their hands on him? Simply because he and an accomplice stole two cars on the Cintegabelle side in Haute-Garonne, and what they didn’t expect was that there was a connected necklace in one of the vehicles! A cat collar, to be exact. A plotter, equipped with a chip GPSwhich lets you know in real time where your favorite animal is.

A “snitch” who wants the best for you

At the time of the complaint, the owners of the cars, and therefore of the animal, made it clear to the gendarmes, and through a practicethey were able to locate the car, and therefore the suspect. Recently, “plotters” had already made headlines for various facts but for much more malicious reasons. It was, in this case, the fraudulent use of AirTagsthe latest Apple gadget.

Car thieves hid them on vehicles to track them down, and so he knows the owner’s address. Others used it to check if an apartment or house was empty, while men used it to track women. Pointing his finger, Apple responded by adding a function to prevent the product from being used as a “mouchard”.

This time, this cat collar was the friend of the gendarmes, and the enemy of thieves. To meditate since this type of device does not cost that few tens of euros, and placed in one car, it can be very useful in case of theft …

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