A couple of dealerships open an Arthur Bonnet magazine in Vannes

French producer Arthur Bonnet continues its development with the opening, in Vannes, of a new kitchen store run by a couple of experienced dealers: Emmanuel and Estelle Machado.


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Two Arthur Bonnet employees become dealers

After a bachelor’s degree in art, Estelle Machado passed a BTS design d’space avant de becoming a designer-decorator, first for Cuisinella and then for Arthur Bonnet, din 2011.

After a career start at Mobalpa as a designer-seller, Emmanuel Machado and others rose through the ranks in various kitchen and interior design brands, until become store manager and sales manager, especially for manufacturer Arthur Bonnet, which meets in 2010.

With these solid experiences but also with the support of the employer, the couple decides to become the Arthur Bonnet dealer to open a kitchen shop in Vannes.

“Throughout the installation, we have been able to find the accompaniment that we expected at all Arthur Bonnet services. What the fuck of beaux moments d’échanges to build a real project for our image »they testify.

Inauguration of the Arthur Bonnet store in Vannes in September

Open since the beginning of June, the new 270m² Arthur Bonnet store in Vannes will open in September ; an opportunity for the couple of dealers to present to professionals and individuals of the chalandise area their offer, consisting of:

  • Two models from the Signature Line (Rendez-Vous, kitchen by Thibault Desombre, and Poésie, kitchen by Véronique Mourrain);
  • Three models of the Affinity Line (Oro Chic, Neo-Classical and Harmony Loft);
  • A lounge area incorporating the Alice dresser, signed by Christian Ghion;
  • A dressing room.

And if you too, like Emmanuel and Estelle Machado, you want to open a kitchen shop with a French manufacturer have high-end positioning, meeting on the ensign Arthur Bonnet to become a dealer.

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