A dog rings the “wind chimes” every day so he can sing

Bleu is a cute and charming Golden Retriever with an unparalleled talent for playing wind chimes, but that’s not all, what a dog of 4 and accompanies the sounds of bells singing in rhythm. Blue discovered what was going to become his greatest talent as a puppy when he stumbled upon this instrument, which became his favorite toy.

Ana Brown, the mistress of Bleu, says that one day, while she was in her garden cleaning and tidying up, she hung old wind chimes. His dog then let go of the sound that produces these metal tubes. Since then, Blue has loved when the chimes sound so they can sing to the same beat.

Ana told The Dodo:

“When he was very, very young, about 4 months, he went outside and his head hit the wind chimes because they were so low, we were crazy to think it would be awful for his ears, but he just started singing. »

From that moment on, every time he went out in the yard, Bleu rang the chimes with his head; he wags his tail and tilts his head to begin his morning concert.

Ana comments:

“It’s the most precious thing when he looks at you and sings, hitting his head against the wind chimes; I don’t know if he likes the sound, or if he knows he can play it himself, it’s almost like he’s trying to get along with them. »

Thanks to his talent, Bleu is widely followed on social media. Ana posted one of her carillon concerts on Facebook, collecting 100,000 reactions in just 24 hours.

To date, Bleu’s video has more than 19.7 million views and Ana receives many messages from people all over the world praising his great talent.

Blue loves his wind chimes so much that, despite their growing notoriety, he would not trade them for more expensive or prettier models.

Ana is so sure of this that she adds:

“My mother gave us a very nice wind chime for Christmas and Bleu doesn’t play with it, he doesn’t want anything to do with it.” He just wants the wind chimes he’s used to. ”

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