A dog that eats grass? Why this weird behavior and what to do for the decor?

You walk your companion on all fours and you turn your back on him for a moment just to discover that he is grazing? He nibbles on a big bite of fodder and you’re totally shocked? If this is the first time that you have witnessed such a strange act, you can easily panic. Otherwise, you will probably think of the vomit that you will clean up later in the living room rug. However, try to stay calm, because a dog that eats grass is not always alarming. More for this amazing behavior and is it causing problems? When to worry and are there any ways to discourage dogs from eating grass?

Is a dog eating grass normal?

Occasional weed control can simply be a sign of your dog’s attempt to relieve his stomach upset. Some puppies vomit shortly after ingestion, while others retain vegan snacks. Why? Most often, a dog that eats grass and does not vomit has not ingested enough to regurgitate. A small study by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine showed that only 22% of the dogs studied vomited after eating grass and only 9% showed signs of malaise before doing so. The researchers concluded that eating grass and other plants is a normal behavior for domestic dogs.

Are there any risks to the animal’s health?

dog that eats grass and vomits why strange behavior discourage

But sometimes, even normal behavior can be harmful. For example, grass can be treated with herbicides and pesticides that are toxic to dogs. A grass-eating dog can also ingest intestinal parasites, such as roundworms and hookworms left by animal feces. So if you notice that your arugula eats grass regularly or excessively, be on your guard. In case of frequent vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, decreased appetite, bloody stools or lethargy, please consult your veterinarian.

Why is my dog ​​eating grass?

dog that eats grass why strange behavior what to discourage

If you ask, “Why is my dog ​​eating grass?” You must first realize that this is not a one-size-fits-all question, not one that scientists have completely deciphered. In fact, the reasons behind this bizarre food choice may be multiple when examining one of the following passages.

He has a food deficiency

why my dog ​​eats grass health risks how to discourage

Some dog lovers and veterinarians assume that a dog that eats grass shows a form of pica. This is the tendency to ingest substances that are not normally edible that are also seen in some small children. Specialists are supposed to be in a dietary care in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients absent from daily intake. So think about changing your food and talk to your vet about it, especially if this happens often.

Your canine friend needs more fiber

dog that eats grass and does not vomit why how to discourage

In the same vein, eating grass could also be your dog’s way to get more fiber. Dietary fiber helps her digest food, defecate, and boost her gastrointestinal system.

He trusts his ancestral instincts

dog that eats grass and does not vomit why make decorations

If the diet is complete and balanced, a dog that eats de l’herbe can only trust his instincts. Over time, the digestive system, food needs, and cravings of dogs have evolved to adapt to the lifestyle of domestic dogs, but not 100%. The wild dogs of yesteryear hunted their own prey and it often consisted of a herbivorous animal that had already dined itself. Therefore, some theorists have hypothesized that contemporary dogs have a natural appetite for herbaceous plants.

A dog that eats grass takes its antacid

dog that eats grass and vomits why risks how to discourage

“Help!” My dog ​​eats grass and vomits yellow! Don’t worry too much, because it’s a non-serious problem with a fairly simple solution. The yellow moss that a dog that eats grass vomits is actually bile, the presence of which indicates, in general, that your fluffy friend has an empty stomach. Balls can be very irritating to the stomach and cause great discomfort. In such a situation, humans take antacids to relieve pain, but dogs can only eat grass to help release bile and feel better. So if your pet tends to graze in the morning, give him some of his food before he goes out. A small meal in the evening, just before bedtime, can also help.

Your pet is bored

why does my dog ​​eat grass to discourage behavior

Do you have a fenced yard and you have the option of letting your canine buddy run free? Good luck to you! The problem is that most captives prefer to have your company, but they don’t get bored. If they play alone in the garden and use the lawn, it may be the lack of fun that motivates them. A dog that eats grass out of boredom can be decorated with regular training, positive rewards, and exciting games like throwing a ball.

He uses a tasty treat

why does my dog ​​eat grass weird behavior how to discourage

Of course, your dog can simply appreciate the taste and texture of the fragrant, moist grass in the piece. This is especially true when the new strands have just sprouted for the first time in the spring and your molosser is thirsty. So always keep a bowl of fresh water in the garden and bring a dispenser during your walks to quench your companion’s thirst.

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