A driver gives up winning a race to save a dog that crossed the road

Rally driver Carlos Matos is preparing to be the fastest at the Constálica Rallye Vouzela. He had already won the first three editions of the race and was preparing to win and be the tetra champion, however, he decided to stop to avoid crushing a dog that appeared in front of him, this face leave the first places of the Gondomar Automóvel Sport race.

Le conductteur was the first, run to victory, in the second passage of the penultimate special event, a dog suddenly appeared on the road, so he decided to reduce his speed, so as not to run the risk of crushing the poor dog.

As can be seen in the video below, he had to maneuver several times in the Ford Fiesta R5 to avoid taking the dog with him, thus losing the lead he had.

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Although his decision cost him the victory, some people in the stands, who are looking at the competition, applauded him and called him a hero.

A driver gives up winning a race to save a dog that crossed the road

“There are little things that are bigger than anything. A noble attitude will go and define the character of a true champion », wrote a fan on social media.

Incredibly, the driver was not worried about losing the race and claims that this is not an impulsive instinct.

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In a statement, he stated: “The dog wasn’t very big, but in this life, it’s not always easy.” Everyone who knows me knows that I have a great admiration for animals. »

“If the episode were to air today, I would do exactly the same thing.”

Congratulations Carlos Matos! Whatever the outcome of the competition, he is already a living champion!

He may not have won the race, but he has won in the evolution of his soul! The race for life is the most important. This driver is considered a hero and has earned the respect of everyone on social media.

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