a first case confirmed in a child in France

The announcement was made by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Île-de-France. L’enfant est scolarisé in a primary school in the region. Supported by the health services, it shows no signs of seriousness according to the ARS statement.

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This is the first case of smallpox in a child in France. The Regional Health Agency (ARS) Île-de-France issued a statement on Saturday (June 25th) to report the likely case, „Identified within the same sibling”. L’enfant, who shows no signs of seriousness, is enrolled in a primary school in the Paris region. The measures were received with the national education and a message was addressed to the parents of the children contact with the risk of frequent school for the child “reports the ARS.

In case of symptoms (fever, rash), the health authority recommends “apply on the 15th if needed” and a consultation will be offered “in order to give the child a vaccination if it is deemed necessary by the doctor”, adds the ARS. She indicates that her teams and those of Public Health France “Investigations began immediately to trace the child’s chain of contact as soon as possible”.

Until then, the virus had only affected adults. The latest report from Santé publique France, set for Thursday at 2pm, reported 330 confirmed cases of infection in France, including 227 in Île-de-France.

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday, June 25, that the global outbreak of smallpox was a health threat whose evolution was very worrying, without reaching the stage of an emergency at the moment. world sanitary.

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