a first case detected in Brittany

The Brittany Regional Health Agency confirmed on Thursday 16 June 2022 a first case of infection with the monkeypox virus, also called monkeypox. This is it “A man living in Morbihan”, she says. According to new information, this patient had spontaneously at the beginning of the week at the hospital center of Vannes, to have information about a doctor.

The test carried out by the analysis laboratory of the Rennes University Hospital, requested by the practitioner who took care of this man, was positive the next day. The patient was immediately alerted, cared for, and placed in solitary confinement.

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Other “Epidemiological investigations are ongoing”, states the ARS, which indicates that “People who have been in contact with this patient will be counted and will receive information about the conduct to limit the spread of the virus.” Elles pourront see vaccination proposal after assessment of individual risk benefit balance ».

183 confirmed cases in France

Since May 20, and upon confirmation of a first case in the national territory, the national public health agency has reviewed “183 confirmed cases” on the national territory, including this first Breton case. “All those investigated are often men whose median age is 34”.

The ARS Brittany recalls that in case of onset of symptoms (fever and rash with vesicles), “Contact SAMU Center 15 for medical consultation if needed.”.

Smallpox: the first case detected in Brittany

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