a lady and her dog upset while driving on the national road in Membach (video)

The small village of Membach in the municipality of Baelen was the scene of a major road accident on Tuesday night, around 7 p.m. In fact, a lady was knocked over while she was walking her dog on the national road that connects Limburg to Eupen. “The carrefour located on rue de l’Invasion à Membach in front of the Saint-Quirin chapel is a suite blocked in an accident. The streets leading to Eupen or Dohlain are blocked, ”it was read on Facebook.

The lady was hit by a car coming from Eupen and driving towards Dolhain. “The car went into the ditch and came out a little further,” witnesses said. The lady was lying on the floor, but apparently still conscious when rescuers arrived. “He was heard shouting,” the witnesses added.

The ambulance, the SMUR and firefighters went to the scene.


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