A live kitchen turns to disaster on Twitch

In the middle of her cooking show on Twitch, a Korean streamer almost added her own camera to the recipe, which would have given a completely different twist to her live.

Over time, cooking streams, which now have their own category on Twitch, have become one of the pillars of the platform. Whether it’s content creators having fun through various challenges or others trying to get past the stoves, there’s something for everyone.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of these cooking streams is that they do not always go as planned, especially for the less experienced chefs. Whether the meal comes back to life, or the content creator sets his kitchen on fire, it’s often enough to make everything go awry.

Always secure your back on Twitch!

During her live show on May 31, streamer Sora629 set her camera high above her worktop to give her viewers a better view of what she was doing. However, things quickly went awry. As the young woman walked away from the camera, it began to slide slowly, without her noticing.

Suddenly, the camera fell into the vegetables that were lying just below, causing a bowl of sauce to fall to the ground, a chain reaction that the viewers, hilarious, enjoyed.

Dazed by what had just happened, the streamer later tried to stop her cats from attacking the sauce, and it wasn’t a trivial matter.

Fortunately, the camera was not damaged, so once the sauce was saved, Sora629 was able to continue live as if nothing had happened.

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