A man bursts into tears after having to say goodbye to the dog he has been living with for 14 years

A seemingly strong and tough man is moving the world, because of the hard pain he had to endure by saying goodbye to his usual dog.

It’s really impossible not to be moved by him!

Not everyone understands the place a pet can have in a person’s heart and life. They become part of our family and of course, as for our loved ones, when something bad happens to them, we find no comfort.

A man bursts into tears after having to say goodbye to the dog he has been living with for 14 years

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When they get sick, we do our best to make sure they recover quickly so they can see their wagging tails or melancholy faces again when we have to leave the house.

Unfortunately, our naked pets are not eternal and the day comes when they finish their cycle and have to go through the rainbow. There are countless videos on the net that show this touching moment, and many identify with saying goodbye to their pet. “It’s something they wouldn’t even wish for their worst enemy.”

This man has had to deal with the worst pain he can imagine, because for a living being, living with someone for so long and losing them forever is very, very painful.

More recently, certain scenes have totally upset the internet users. Maybe it’s because there’s music in the background that encourages him, or maybe it’s because he’s a very strong-looking master who, in the face of his dog’s imminent departure as always, completely cracked.

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He can’t conceive of a life without his dog, it’s just that losing someone who has spent so much time with him is very hard to assimilate.

These are images that show the most sensitive side of a man. For many, his soul was deeply touched, for it was a dog that accompanied him for 14 long years of his life, becoming like another son.

His master finds no comfort and leans his head back to join his dog in a deep embrace that he never wants to see. Although it is painful, we are comforted to know that this beautiful dog has received all the love in the world to the last breath.

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