A man drowns in the canal north of Toulouse wanting to save his dog

A tragedy occurred in Fenouillet, north of Toulouse, on Tuesday 31 May. A 38-year-old man drowned in the Garonne side canal.

He dived to save his dog

Verse 21:30, he was walking with his wife and dog along this stream that extends the South Channel to the Atlantic. The dog was bathing and was visibly in trouble, so his master a dived to help him, but he failed to return to the bank. A witness tried to help him, without success. The man disappeared underwater and his body was retrieved by firefighters near the Fenouillet lock shortly after.

A call for caution

Firefighters and gendarmes call for caution: beware of currents in the canal, linked to locks. They come from locks, doors and valves that open and close, thus creating movements capable of sucking in even the very good swimmers.

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