a man loses his memory after having sex with a woman

Today, in The bizarre patient, an Irishman forgets everything that happened after having sex with a woman. How is this possible?

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A 66-year-old Irishman goes to Limerick Hospital, a small town in the west of the island. The man has been worried about his family for an hour. He explains to the doctor that when he saw the time and date on his phone, he forgot to celebrate his wedding anniversary which was to take place the day before his visit to the hospital – now the festivities have taken place, as confirmed by the patient’s wife and daughter. The rest of his memory is intact, but there are no souvenirs from the previous day.

Post-coital amnesia

Her naked health record reveals nothing abnormal:hypertensionone hypercholesterolaemia and one inflammation joints; common problems in men his age. He says he had experienced an amnesic episode seven years earlier. IT’MRI does not show any anomalies because it was performed too late, more than 72 hours after theamnesia. The examination took time, the doctors were able to see his son brain a small area of diffusion in the lobe temporal left mesial on brain images, this is characteristic of transient global amnesia. The patient’s interrogation is enough to confirm the diagnosis, he did have a transient amnesia.

Transient global amnesia is a sudden and temporary loss of the memory concerning events that occurred before, during, and sometimes after the onset of amnesia. It lasts on average between one and eight hours, but in the most extreme cases it can last up to 24 hours. Transient global amnesia occurs most of the time in men aged 50 to 70 years and can be the result of all factors: stressan effort physical intense, sudden immersion in cold water or sexual intercourse.

This is what happened to this Irish patient. In fact, he tells doctors that his amnesia appeared about ten minutes after having sex with his wife. Her first amnesia, seven years earlier, had taken place under the same conditions. So having sex can literally make you lose your memory!

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