A new central kitchen in Cherbourg: two million euros invested in bien-manger à l’école

Alain Baudot, the chef, explains how the central kitchen works, not the activity will grow progressively.

Spinning protection, Élisabeth Castellotti, sub-prefect of Cherbourg (Channel), elected officials of the territory, representatives of the CAF de la Manche and theAgglo du Cotentin crisscross the 636 m2 of premises.

Alain Baudot, head of departmentin charge of the logistics and the outputhe explains functioning from new central kitchenwhere the middle every day close to 1,500 meals.

“We work at a steady pace, with deliveries once or twice a week, depending on the suppliers. Due to supply difficulties, a little more oil is stored. »

Alain Baudot

Local industry

The manager also mentions all equipment set up, the caissons to ensure the hot connections

“We have tools for remote monitoring of cold rooms, night cooking … We have people on call to ensure the smooth running of our preparation.” »

Alain Baudot

These new premises make the boiled of team of thirteen people who practice there, but also of the City of Cherbourgwho initiated the project.

“Thanks to the team, we took part in a new approach to making school meals. We will harmonize the meals in the different schools of our city, commanding in local and supporting the producers of our territory. For some children, lunch in the canteen is the only balanced meal of the day. We play an obvious social role at this level. »

Benoît Arrivémayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

In the future, the schools will have the opportunity to meet production which provide the vegetables you are there meat which is served to them.

3 330 meals

Every day, 1,450 meals sorted from the central cuisine to the schools of Tourlaville, Octeville and three crèches municipales. Starting in 2022, 1,930 meals will be served. In 2023, when all schools benefit from this municipal service, 3,330 meals will be prepared.

“Bringing this place back to life”

For the mayor, this project has another interest: it has revived to the old kitchens of the maritime hospital.

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“If new planes are to create a central kitchen, it should be a much more important financing, and agricultural areas can often be mobilized. It is also a satisfaction to revive a place that has marked the history of Cherbourg. »

Benoît Arrivé

Elisabeth Castellotti recalled the importance of “the quality meals served daily, at all ages. they gout, it is educated. This is a topic that is close to my heart. »

She also pointed out that this project, the amount of which amounts to 2 million eurosreceived a financial support of the state. “The state services are the main financiers of these territorial projects,” said the deputy prefect. And I’m proud of that. For the whole year 2021, 1.9 million euros were paid in the city, in support of various projects. »Les elected they present themselves to taste the products made by the team for the occasion.

The City hopes to increase the share of orders from local suppliers. Many are already in demand: the Ferme des douces prairies in Gonneville-Le Theil, the Huberdière goat farm in Liesville-sur-Douve, Manche Marée in Cherbourg, the meat from Brécey, the Créances potatoes and the bread from Cherbourg.

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