A new site for Abeille Assurances

Abeille Assurances’ new website

With the launch of its new website, Abeille Assurances has definitively made Aviva.fr disappear and thus begins the final phase of the deployment of the new brand of the Aéma group.

Aviva.fr is over! In launching its new website www.abeille-assurances.fr, the company deploys so that the new identity on the line and pulls a feature defined on the brand Aviva France. «An opportunity for this new decisive stage of the development of the Abeille Assurances brand, other main websites of the insurer, as well as the 870 websites of the generating agents will be included in July 8, 2022, aux colors from brand new »explained the entity of the Aéma group.

The new brand will also be required on the documentation and communication tools. “The launch of this new site abeille-assurances.fr allows the franchise company an additional step in the final transition to the new brand”, then explains Abeille Assurances. The launch of this new site is mainly accompanied by the coloring of the new brand for the company’s insurance, protection, savings and retirement products. Thus, Aviva Plural Savings becomes Active Savings Bee, Aviva Multi-Risk Pro becomes Multi-Risk Bee Pro and Aviva Retirement Savings becomes Bee Retirement Savings.

“The transition to the new siteabeille-assurances.fr is a key stage in our brand change!” From June 13, the new site abeille-assurances.fr is online. Our digital charter applies the eco-responsible principles of our brand: white for more readability, as well as yellow, which represents our history. We also take advantage of the brand change to redesign the 870 websites of our general agents. This is a great opportunity for us to support them in their local SEO, with these new websites, real digital showcases of their agency “explains Marie Jouvin, head of knowledge and customer experience at Abeille Assurances.

The deployment of the Abeille Assurances brand is finally accompanied by a new site dedicated to impact investment funds which becomes www.impactinvesting.abeille-assurances.fr/. The company’s social networks will switch to the colors of Abeille on July 9, and Abeille Assurances employees will also be able to benefit from an intranet in the insurer’s color news.

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