A nice homeless bitch goes to a cafe every day in search of food

A bitch always comes to a cafe: Dulci Barbosa is the owner of a cafe in Brazil. Due to the mandatory quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the woman was forced to close her business. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to serve food to a very special coffee customer; a nice little homeless dog who comes every day in search of food.

The adorable bitch, called “Deneres”, began frequenting coffee during the pandemic. Dulci is a lover of animals and 3 dogs saved at home. Unable to take the dog home, she made sure he always had a plate of food and a full belly.

Dulci told The Dodo:

“She was never hungry.” I was the only person she could count on.


A bitch goes to a cafe every day to look for food.

For the defenseless bitch, the woman was not only her source of food, she was also a favorite person and the one she could trust the most. A few days ago, Dulci was able to reopen his cafe and Deneres was one of his first customers; the little dog happily wagged his tail to greet his friend.

The woman did not know where the bitch spent her nights, but she could see that she was nursing a litter of puppies that, thanks to the woman’s kindness, indirectly benefited from the food their mother received each day.

A few days ago, Deneres felt comfortable and confident enough to introduce the little ones to his new friend. After breakfast, she took Dulci to meet her babies.


The woman expressed:

“I’m very happy. Now we have to save them and get them adopted. ”

For now, Dulci is bringing food to the mother and her little ones. She knows how difficult it can be to find a home for puppies and mothers, especially in the area where they are located.

Dulci is doing everything she can to make sure a permanent place is found for this little family, where they can be safe and never be in need again. She feels committed to the bitch and her puppies and wants to find them a home forever where they will always be safe; she thinks they deserve nothing less than that.

Dulci added:

“I have already launched campaigns to get them adopted. We will. I’m sure we’re in a foyer.

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