a patient hospitalized at the Bordeaux University Hospital, we know

He is currently in solitary confinement, but is not being treated, this is not justified. Professor Denis Malvy, an infectiologist at the Bordeaux University Hospital, wants reassurance: “Like all patients affected by this infection, he will have to isolate himself for twenty-one days, a priori he will then be able to return home and isolate again at home. Let me remind you that the mode of transmission is faced with large droplets, you need to stay at least a good hour near a person who is positive for monkeypox to be infected. If the patient has a fever, the virus is transmitted through sweat and so-called excreta (substances released out of the body).

An ongoing investigation

Out of respect for the patient, the CHU refuses to give details about the origin of his infection. Did he travel? Did he participate in mass demonstrations? On the other hand, as the disease is a mandatory declaration, the New Aquitaine Regional Health Agency (ARS) has begun an investigation. Exactly, as in the early waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, officers traced the infected patient’s entourage. It is a matter of revealing the cases of potential contacts, of informing them of the situation so that they may eventually isolate themselves and observe their state of health.

“The man hospitalized at the CHU probably saw his symptoms over the weekend,” added Professor Malvy. A febrile condition, followed by skin lesions. It was during this period that he began to become contagious, like chickenpox in a way. But I point out that smallpox is significantly less contagious than chickenpox. »In order to keep the transmission, the contacts will be alerted by the ARS in the coming hours, will be monitored for certain and vaccinated for those who have been in a relationship over time.

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