A pension unknowingly paid for two LCL home insurance policies instead of one for 20 years

Unbeknownst to him, a pension paid for twenty years two home insurance policies instead of one for his housing. It was her son who realized the mistake made by the bank, which cost the old lady almost 600 euros a year, after her death. According to the family’s lawyer, the victim’s relatives are entitled to claim damages.

Two home insurance policies for the same accommodation. It was the mistake that led to the finances of a French retirement for no less than twenty years. The victim has been telling the story for so long since it was his son, of whom the old lady was absolutely unaware, RMC.

The retiree had taken out home insurance for his two-room apartment with the LCL bank. But without her realizing it, she eventually paid for two years’ insurance for this apartment. The total bill thus rose 596 euros per year: 257 euros for the first insurance and 339 euros for the second.

A possible lawsuit for relatives

How can a lady who doesn’t look at her accounts, who trusts, see that there are two subscriptions?, his son revolts against RMC. We stole it, we took advantage of it for twenty years without hesitation. The bank apologized and promised the family that the money lost in the last two years would be repaid.

Under the Insurance Code, all actions under an insurance contract are time-barred after two years. Relatives of the fuzzy retirement, however, have been advised by a lawyer, who believes that legal action is possible. This situation is perfectly abnormal, she explained. [L’assureur] lacked his duty of information, of advice. Damages and intrts could thus be turkey.

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RMC has contacted LCL who is about to reimburse five years of insurance. More Eric is claiming a full refund and plans to go to court. The bank promised to come back to him with a new proposal by the end of the week, RMC points out.

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