À quoi serves the civil responsibility in assurance habitation ?

He exists a private civil liability guarantee which hides damage and can cause, and a guarantee of civil liability occupant and/or non-occupant owner, which is integrated in les contractes d’assurance habitation. If you own real estate, that you do not take care of the title of the main residence, this guarantee of application of damage caused by neighbors or levels in the suite of a fire, an explosion, an explosion. des eaux coming from votre bien immobilier. C’est le cas, for example, and an équipement électrique prend feu dans votre bien immobilier et qu’il inflamme le logement voisin.

Are you a tenant? With the civil liability guarantee, you cover yourself and are at the origin of material damage caused à des biens mobiliers ou immobiliers qui appartiennent au propriétaireà des tiers, aux voisins mais aussi resultant d’un incendie, d’une explosion or encore d’un dégât des eaux.

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