a refined and well-balanced cuisine like “A la Maison”!

Monday, May 30, in the morning, “the place to be”: it was Auxerre! Even “Miss Frog” at the counter, enjoyed reading the “headline” of the regional press, recounting the exploits of AJA footballers! Congratulations to the young athletes for this success, which goes far beyond the football field, and does good to the Yonne, quite simply.

AUXERRE : One might think that now, one must stop looking in the rearview mirror of the Peugeot 505 or that of the Renault 30 GTL, reliving the past glories (Cantona, Blanc, Boli, Roux and others …) and focus instead on the windshield of this upcoming season with Furlan, Léon le formidable, Touré, Hein and the others. Because the future of the AJA is theirs alone!

Let’s leave the bench, for this more familiar counter, because that morning, we only talk about it, and it’s so much better in the end. Like auxerrois glasses, blue and white clash in the most beautiful way.

A beautiful sign to discover, held by Nadia and Gaëtan …

It takes some courage to leave a successful pizzeria with comfortable financial margins, and rediscover the very essence of his noble profession as a cook. This is what led Gaëtan and Nadia, his wife, to this beautiful street corner, not far from a kindergarten of yesteryear. “A la Maison”, as the beautiful sign indicates, is a restaurant. But also their place of residence simply. As soon as we cross the gate, a certain sense of elegance invades us, which we will only get rid of when we leave the place: the garden, the room, its comfort and its discreet sound insulation on the ceiling.

Everything is in unison. Nowadays, for such an achievement, it is necessary to pass under the arcana of increasingly binding ubuesque norms. It takes a lot of energy – maybe too much – to do that.

But let’s face it – the results are in line with expectations. What a beautiful place. The naked clientele is not mistaken, and on that day, local restaurateurs, as well as former aediles, coexist peacefully by interposed range.

Toasts instead of gougères, that changes!

As an aperitif, toasts that change with the evergreen gougère, good pick! At the start, the egg is impeccably poached, velvety with green asparagus and roasted hazelnuts: it makes a very good dish. The dazzling yellow mixes with the pronounced green of the asparagus. It’s fresh and seasonal. Iberian ham – this is the fashion, but I claim it as much as in France, too, we have excellent hams (Bigorre black pork, Ibaiama ….) – is finely chopped here by “Rolls” of the slicers: a “Wismer”, favorite of Mr. Philippe BULANT, owner of the “Metro” warehouse, located in Monéteau! A young server, affable and smiling, then deals with getting rid of us.

Balanced and structured dishes, with a certain flavor …

The dishes arrive then. For your servant, a farmer’s yellow chicken supreme, orange sauce. A beautiful plate, with some flowers, fortunately edible! The sauce is good, well balanced, although in its entirety, the plate seems to be missing, I don’t know what … And for dessert, the unstructured lemon pie is interesting, tasty and not too sweet.
With coffee, a drop of Dominican rum, I believe, interposes itself elegantly! Rum is really the alcohol of the moment, I thought then, while when I was a kid, that alcohol seemed to be only for baking and other pancake batter!

Quietness and cooking meet …

Going through the pretty garden where the children can play quietly, while their parents have an aperitif, shit! Like at home in short! But on this special Monday, I was going to forget, congratulations again to the AJA!

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The -: I gladly admit on the one hand a pinch, but I’m sure a dish like this poultry supreme deserves to be more complete: with meat seasoning, what do I know? Not much, really, just time to think about it, maybe?

The pluses: the tranquility of a nice setting, comfortable chairs, and a pleasant time at the table.


Restaurant A la Maison

20, rue Marcellin Berthelot

89000 Auxerre

Phone: 03 86 51 00 30

Thursday to Monday included.

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Easy parking nearby.

Gauthier PAJONA

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