A three-degree kitchen diploma for Jonathan

After a CAP cooking in 2020 and a diploma in catering dessert in 2021, this young prayssassais carries in his luggage a third degree in “vegetable cooking”.

Vegetable cooking, or the art of cooking vegetables and other vegetables, the stern air and the many kitchen chefs does not include proposing a new form of cooking, so to taste, these products are often organic.

This specialty is now taught at the Lycée Jacques in Rome in Agen and Jonathan de Oliveira-Girardi wanted to benefit from it in order to complete his professional curriculum.

It is with Chef Michel Dussau, at the restaurant “La table de Michel Dussau”, that Jonathan did his final year internship in order to put his knowledge into practice and gain the necessary experience to complete his training. There is nothing better for a passionate young chef than to work with this talented chef and in a team of professionals whose requirement has nothing to envy to the high quality of the products.

And Michel Dussau to have the last word: “Jonathan is an intern who gives himself the means to succeed in this profession which is a real passion. Humor will help him succeed”

For Jonathan, with a “professional sponsor” like Michel Dussau, the future is bright.

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