A woman collapses on the road in tears at the sight of her missing dog

A dog that had been missing for three days was found by his family on the side of the road; a scene that warms the heart. It was a totally unexpected end for the couple who never gave up hope to find their beloved pet.

Definitely nothing compares to the joy of going home and finding a faithful companion who will jump on us and nibble on our shoes while wagging our tails of happiness. We love our pets. The unconditional love they give us goes far beyond mere company, they help us reduce stress.

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They improve our heart rate, and even help our children grow up socially and emotionally healthy. Unfortunately, it often happens that unexpected situations occur and our animals accidentally leave our homes and get lost, while we think they will always be with us, this is not always the case.

Anyone who has experienced a similar situation knows that there is no worse feeling than losing a pet and not knowing where it is. This is what happened to this family who spent days of anguish looking for their dog.

A woman collapses on the road in tears at the sight of her missing dog

For Mary and Brent, their Great Pyrenees white dog named Jasper is an essential member of the family. One morning, when he was alone in the garden, he decided to go out and did not turn around until he reached Columbia Lake, miles from home.

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Three days passed in search, but Jasper was not found. Mary and Brent found themselves in utter sadness, desolation, and despair, for their beloved pet had never done anything like this before.

The couple had begun to give up hope of one day seeing their pet alive again, and rightly so. Realize that something like this has happened to a dog who has never been anywhere else that must be a nightmare in his garden.

The search continued and more and more members of the community and close relatives of the couple came to their aid, until it was finally spotted. A glimmer of hope illuminates Mary’s eyes, Deep down, she knows Jasper is alive, so she and her husband have to keep going. The reunion of the couple and their dog was very moving.

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As they drive, Mary asks Brent to park the car on the side of the road. Brent responded with some sarcasm, unaware that the two men were about to experience film-worthy reunions. It was an unforgettable moment that will forever remain in his memory and in his heart.

“Stop, Brent, maybe I’ll be back alone.” Why would we stop? It’s not like Hollywood. It’s not like the dog stopped in the middle of the road and ran towards you. “, they both said as they crossed the road.

Eventually, Jasper ran out of the undergrowth into the arms of his masters, who greeted him with joy. But they were amazed at the journey of this mischievous dog, which will surely be their first and last.

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“We are happy and we are really lucky to have found our pet. It was a great time. It’s hard to think that you’ll never see your dog again. It’s like a son to Brent and me. ”, said Mary.

We can only imagine the horror that people experience when they lose their pet. They are real family members; they fill us with so much happiness and love that when they suddenly disappear, it tears the heart. Hopefully we won’t have to go through it to find out.

Fortunately, this family had a happy ending. She will never be separated from her again pet after such a bitter experience.

Even if it’s only a ten minute absence, they will certainly be the most desperate and terrifying for anyone who loses their dog. If you find a stray animal, help it get home.

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