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OUR ADVICE – Life insurance, PER … What investments should be preferred to supplement your income? How to hire.

This is rather good news: 57% of French people save, according to an Odoxa poll for Groupama published in September 2021, with the main motivation being to prepare for their retirement. In order to reach the financier, they plan, in particular, to become the owner of their main residence, to set aside savings on bank notes and to invest in financial investments. In this respect, they are rather embarrassed by the choice. Life insurance, such as the Retirement Savings Plan (RPP) or the Equity Savings Plan (EAP), allows you to create additional income once the time for retirement has come. But be careful not to cradle illusions. Regardless of the product used, it will be necessary to save a lot, the only way to get a mattress thick enough to ensure a significant financial complement.

Better to anticipate

Temps d’épargne will depend on the ability of spargment to set aside, but also on the yield generated by the placement on which it is …

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