Adult braces are booming. An insurance problem

The same goes for Solidaris: there is not only an increase in orthodontic treatments (from 3964 in 2016 to 9315 in 2021) but also an increase in the number of adults treated (from 9% in 2016 to 13.35% in 2019).

For aesthetics?

Christian mutual societies, which have Dento + insurance, explain that the causes of treatment in adults are varied: a treatment that should have been done in adolescence but was not done for a financial reason, or for lack of ‘interest; a recurrence requiring new equipment; align or move teeth to place crowns, bridges or implants; joint problems and muscle aches; the disharmony between the two jaws, which requires orthodontic treatment and maxillary surgery …

But neither Solidaris nor Mutualités libres has a date on the reasons for the treatment.

Plus women?

At Solidaris (Optio Dentis), we answer ” more women “tempering” but there are more insured “.Free mutuals respond:” The trend is in fact much more present in women, who represent 70-75% of the treatments of more than 21.

However, 60% of Dentalia reimbursements are not in the population over 18 years of age. . “

How old are you?

According to free mutual societies, it is mainly those aged 30-44 who undergo orthodontic treatment. Solidaris sets the target at 29-39 years.

What is the amount for treatment?

Dentalia did not have figures on treatment amounts. Optio Dentis answers that 95% of them estimate an average of € 2974. ” The maximum amount entered with us for an estimate is € 9373.

At Dentalia, the number of orthodontic appliances in adults has almost tripled in six years.

Anxiety about the future

This inflation of orthodontic expenses is pushing Dentalia to question its insurance policy. There are sometimes adult affiliations that only last for the duration of the internship and then orthodontic treatment, with termination as soon as it is completed, to reduce costs. ” This is not the spirit of our insurance, Sandrine Noël explains. The purpose of our insurance is to protect people from significant hazards . “

Added to this is the increase in orthodontic rates, especially due to new Invisalign® treatments – invisible gutters (see opposite). Especially since another player in the industry, DKV has released a new range of dental insurance, in which adult orthodontics is excluded. ” Currently, we do not have a ceiling, no validation of the treatment plan. We remain vigilant and think about the evolution of our insurance. Because if we see an explosion of aesthetic care, it will contribute to the increase in premiums. And this will be too expensive for those who want to cover the risks. of health . “


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