After 3 years of bleeding ink for her missing dog, she receives a call that petrifies her

After 3 years of bleeding ink

This story reminds us that you never lost us.

When our animal disappears, it is something that is difficult to recover from. We keep looking for him for months and months, until the years go by and we lose hope … Without ever knowing what happened to our dearest companion.

The miracle occurs three and after

Fortunately, real miracles happen. Venes Mosier has been incredibly lucky to find her missing dog for 3 years.

In 2017, shortly before Christmas, she returned from a hospital stay when she found out that her house had been burglarized. The burglars had emptied his house, leaving him with the couch and some kitchen utensils.

Worst of all, they also stole his 3 dogs.

One of his dogs was found in Illinois a year later, but the other two never returned home. Venes had finally lost hope.

A call changes everything

The Cass County Animal Control shelter recently called Venes to tell her they had found her bitch, Callie, in Michigan.

The mistress was in shock. After all these years, she had a hard time believing it was true. Moreover, the members of the refuge were able to identify the mistress of Chienne.

The shelter director said he had been working for 25 years and this was the first time he had seen it.

No one knows what Callie did all these years and how she landed in Michigan, but it looks like someone took care of her because she was in great shape when they found her.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing Callie find her mistress. A group of volunteers even offered to take Calie home to Kentucky for free!

His mistress is very grateful for all the attention that allowed Callie to return home.

After all these difficulties, Venes has finally found two of her dogs healthy and we wish them a lot of sweetness now!

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