After a 500-day wait at the shelter, this dog finally saw the moment he was dreaming of

A dog who had spent most of his life in a shelter was finally lucky enough to wait so long. A video posted on TikTok turned everything upside down.

Liam, a German Bulldog crusader, was one of those many shelter dogs who see visitors parade without really caring about them. Fortunately, the situation changed for him thanks to a video, he reported The Gadsden Times.

Collected as a stray dog, he had been cared for by Humane Society Rescue and Adoption Centerassociation based à Gadsden in the state of Alabama (southern United States). Liam lived there for 500 days before seeing his wish fulfilled, that of finally having a family.

A short sequence posted on the account tick of the shelter hastened things for the canid, who had hitherto known only expectation and disappointment. A video quickly went viral, with over 1.7 million views in the account.

Particularly touching, we see Liam returner sadly in his box after a second inconclusive visit. « I guess I’ll spend another night alone Can be read in the caption. We also learn that he gets along well with his congeners, but not with cats or other animals.


Liam spent almost 500 days with us. it is understood with other dogs, but without cats or animals. # long term # animal shelter # dog # rescue dog #mixed breeds

? Delighted – Taylor Swift

Another video, posted 3 days later on the same account, shows Liam in the arms of its new owner, who came to pick him up at the shelter. It has, in fact, been adopted.


Reply to @hsprac_gadsden Happy Tails Liam! it’s bittersweet because we’ll miss you, but we know you’re about to live your best life so far #adoptionrocks #shelterdog

? The good part – AJR

“I would have traveled hundreds of miles to get the chance to adopt it”

His mistress Cindy Davis didn’t think long. This inhabitant of Chattanooga in neighboring Tennessee only after seeing the video tickshe is «Immediately went to the shelter’s website and [a] cerut to adopt it ».

« I would have traveled hundreds of miles to get the chance to adopt it She continues. Cindy Davis et Liam had a first meeting, punctuated especially by a short walk and games, and the deal was almost instantaneous.

Article illustration: After a 500-day wait at the shelter, this dog is finally living the moment he dreamed of
Humane Society / TikTok Pet Rescue and Adoption Center

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« He was jumping, playing nibbling, and had a serious case of zooming. That’s where I said to myself: I’m adopting it She says. Cindy Davis is happy with her choice, especially since Liam quickly integrated, as if he had always been part of the family.

Elle adds a child for children and men, but who will work on this point. Finally, Cindy Davis decided not to give it a new name; it will continue to be called Liam.


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