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Whether it’s for a family expatriation, a business trip, or a study abroad, finding health insurance that hides us properly abroad is an essential step to take before leaving. Most of all the offers available are often hard to find! This is when the advice of an expert such as Agoraexpat is needed. Eric Thoby, founder and CEO of Agoraexpat, tells us more.

Can you introduce us in a few words and tell us how AgoraExpat was born?

Eric Thoby: An expatriate in the United States for nearly 20 years, I was working at the time as the regional director of the North American branch of a French wealth management and pension advisory group. Noticing that the regulation had evolved a lot in the field of wealth management in the United States, I decided to create a company on a part-time basis, transposing everything you gave during the 15 years d. “Professional experience, in especially everything related to the measuring board for our client.

This is how AgoraExpat, an expatriate health insurance brokerage company, was born 10 years ago.

What services does AgoraExpat offer?

At AgoraExpat, we offer health insurance and forecasting solutions specially designed for abroad. Whether it’s for an expatriation with the family, alone or as a couple, a business trip, international studies, a temporary stay …, we have a solution adapted to each situation.

We also provide personalized information and advice based on the country of expatriation and the needs of each.

We support our clients throughout their expatriation by remaining their privileged interlocutor and establishing a real relationship of trust with them.

Specifically, in the first instance, new exchanges with the client to identify the settings that allow us to propose more tailored offers. The country of destination, the length of stay, the composition of the family, the age of each insured person and the specific medical needs are essential information.

Then we carry out in-depth research work to orient the client towards the insurance more adapted to the profile and the expatriation project.

We accompany the client before the selection of the offer, suspending the placement of the contract, moreover. We remain available throughout the expatriation to answer questions, provide additional information, relaunch the insurer following a request for reimbursement, add guarantees, beneficiaries and so on.

What are the benefits of using a brokerage service to find health insurance?
Premiere, no services do not incur any additional charges. We are directly remunerated by insurance companies with those we have established partnerships. There is therefore no difference, in terms of price, between going through AgoraExpat and addressing the insurer directly.

Also, compared to online insurance comparators, our different criteria is really the size of the board. As a broker, we ask the right questions to the policyholders who come to us, which allows us to guide them effectively in their choice.

We coordinate all the effort, from putting in place of the offer to managing the health insurance contract. For the future expatriate, it is a huge time saver!

What is the added value of AgoraExpat?

We put a real point of honor in exchanging closely with the client to provide them with personalized advice, as close as possible to their needs. Our teams are made up of French expatriates themselves and are perfectly familiar with the issues of non-clients.

In addition, our offices are located in Paris and New York, so we allow ourselves to open several time zones (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East …). New customers can easily join many payments.

In some geographical areas, AgoraExpat is a big business reporter for reputable insurance companies. This allows us to maintain a privileged relationship with insurers and to have a very quick response to any request.

Finally, in very specific markets such as the United States, where an understanding of the healthcare market is essential given its complexity and the costs it incurs, we are real the health insurance specialist for the French who live there or who intend to settle there.

Our clients recognize us as the key player that we need to know in order to prepare and optimize our expatriation.

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