Alan assumes a deficit of 56.3 million in 2021

Jean-Charles Samuelian, CEO of Alan

Alan has a net deficit of € 56.3 million in 2021, so he can invest to support growth.

After announcing a further € 183 million increase in funding, Alan published a Solvency and Financial Statement (SFCR) report for the year 2021. de primes acquises of € 81 million. In 2022, the insurer expects an annualized premium volume of 161M euros in health and pensions. Alan covered 255,000 policyholders at the end of 2021, up 86% year-on-year.

56.3M euros of losses in 2021

Like the rest of the market, Alan has seen his claims increase due to the health crisis and the entry into force of 100% Health in the middle of the year. But it is also the increase in its payroll that has plunged the technical result to -51.8M euros, against -33M euros at the end of 2020. in order to be able to have cash. Its net result remains in negative territory, at -56.3M euros, compared to -32.5M euros in 2020.

L’assurtech explains that the deficit is in line with the 90% increase in society and the investment needed to support development: ” We find that these matches can be used by competitors as an argument against Alan. Yet this is an informed and validated strategy with our investors who give us the financial means, with more than 475M euros raised since the creation of the company, to be able to quickly insure several hundred thousand people in Europe “, Reports the SFCR report of Alan. Assurtech has planned to reach profitability in 2024 for its French activities and in 2025 for its international activities, as announced by Fabrice Staad, Alan’s general manager in France in La Grande Interview de News Assurances Pro.

At the end of 2021, Alan had € 115.7 million in prudential capital. After the new fundraiser in April 2022, the eligible capital would amount to 291M euros.

In his report, Alan shares other indicators such as the termination rate of less than 6% in 2021. The coverage rate of the SCR of the assurtech which raised more than 475M euros of the creation amounts to 540 % and after the fundraiser, it explodes at 1300%.

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