Amazing Amazon Kitchenware For Cleaning After Baking A Children’s Play

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The idea of ​​cleaning the kitchen after preparing dinner can sometimes be all the motivation I need to order takeaways.

Even as I clean as I go, I have the trash can sitting in the middle of the floor to catch the remnants of the cutting board and I flood the counter around the sink while trying to clean the pots and pans. . Not to mention the fact that what you did in the oven caused a mess that I probably won’t clean up until next weekend during a “big” cleaning day. It’s really a circus.


The thing is, life in the kitchen doesn’t have to be that way. An Instagram video by Mik Zenon recently dressed my attention featuring handy gadgets to make cleaning the kitchen easier. And, he understands a product that I’m sure changes women in terms of cooking.

The solution is less than $ 15

The short video highlights five Amazon cooking products that I may or may not need (spoiler alert: I need them all). And the first time I watched the clip, the product that stood out was a hanging trash can / food waste collector. It’s one of those things that I didn’t know I needed, until I saw it.

Who knew I wouldn’t have to run around in my kitchen trash cutting vegetables and getting things out of the oven? I can even scratch the leftovers straight from the counter in the box! Being excited about this kind of thing clearly shows that I am an adult and that I am getting older.

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It turns out that there are many options for hanging trash cans on Amazon, including this silicone version of Elegated. It is foldable and comes with a small scraper. I really like this option because it is easy to store when not in use and because of its very low price.

There are also slightly stronger hard plastic bins, like this Navaris option. You can use this type of piege à ferraille to clean kitchen damage or to contain sponges and dishwashing soaps.

If you really want to be whimsical, there are some great models that come with lids. Rather, it shakes a permanent element, which adds to the inside of a wardrobe door, such as the ELPHECO option. And, they can be used as a trash can or compost bin.

Other useful gadgets to keep your kitchen clean

I don’t want to forget the other handy kitchen gadgets highlighted in video that will make cleaning easier after cooking. First of all, there is the LONIN Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder which helps to organize your cleaning products.

Instead of looking for your sponges at the bottom of a sink filled with dirty dishes, you can keep them handy by using a sink basket. It is a very useful gadget when you have a limited space, such as a small apartment kitchen or a motorhome.

LOPNUR kitchen absorption mat is a must if you find your dishes on hand. The window behind my kitchen sink and the counter around it still gives the impression that a thunderstorm has passed after cleaning the dinnerware, so this little product really spoke to me.

When it comes to baking, I don’t know how I’ve been able to live so long without putting oven mats on the bottom to catch all the clutter. This pack of four premium liners from YEAILIFE will catch drops, cheeses, sauces and other baked goods.

But, they are more than just ovens. You can also use the lining rugs on your outdoor grill or in the kitchen. Simply wipe them and put them in the dishwasher to make it easier to clean the kitchen. This gadget is so great and I ended up wondering how they weren’t in my kitchen before?

The last element of the video — a Blackstone electric cooker — really didn’t fit with the theme of kitchen cleaning gadgets. Unless you’re naked consider the fact that it doesn’t take up space on the counter and is very easy to clean. Look at what this happy customer had to say.

“We’ve had it for a week and we’ve been using it for almost every meal since. Each meal is better than the previous one. I was skeptical of buying it, but I have to say I would go back if the opportunity arose. If you are unsure about buying it, and you are looking for an opinion, I tell you rush x100 🤷🏻‍♀️. I used to have the hardest time making sunny eggs, and now it’s child’s play. The surface is very non-stick and very easy to clean. I’m in love. ”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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