An affectionate kitten with bear ears and crooked paws finds a way to make good hugs

Earlier this year, a chaton aux pattes avant tordues was brought to the Friends for Life Rescue Network, a rescue group in Los Angeles. The kitten was born with ligaments and tendons contracted in both front wrists, which resulted in a deformation of his legs.

Mel Lamprey and Mari Zane’s son, the welcome of the reception du sauvetage, are mobilized for help. The little kitten became an affectionate companion and quickly discovered a weakness for hugs; he did immediately seek the affection of his new masters.

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An affectionate kitten with bear ears and crooked paws finds a way to cuddle.

They named her Quill and put her in physiotherapy several times a day to help her correct her small legs. Despite his small size, he is a great champion in physical therapy.

Therapy begins by warming up her legs with a warming pad. They are then massaged and stretched to relax the tendons and ligaments in hopes of realigning the growing bones.

The kitten will soon receive weekly splints to further improve its range of motion. He is unperturbed in the face of the challenges presented to him and does not seem to think he is different. Quill loves her host family and is an expert at getting their attention and lots of hugs.

It is a very curious and very sweet kitten, and is very spoiled. It is so adorable that it is impossible not to give him love. The cuddly kitten loves to play and explore. Like other kittens, he loves adventure, without even thinking about the limits of his twisted little paws.

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Quill takes every opportunity to give his masters a hug. If he sees them pass, he calls them with his little meows and does not accept a no in response. The adorable feline spends most of his time on his caregiver’s neck, his favorite “bed.”

After every meal, he insists on getting a well-deserved hug. Then he falls asleep purring in his arms, like a baby. Mel et Zane were a chat and called Chester, who was soigné after the difficult departure. The red-haired boy is immediately attached to a new mic and an instant connection is created, as if he knew exactly what Quill needed.

Chester has taken on the role of Quill’s big brother, and the feline enjoys every moment with him. He keeps it clean and tidy and is attentive to his needs.

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