an evacuated building on Avenue de Metz and a relocated family

At around 4.30pm this Sunday, a fire broke out in the kitchen of an apartment at 1 Metz Avenue in Fameck. The fire was quickly extinguished before rescuers arrived, but about 30 people, including several children, had to evacuate the four-story building.

Firefighters at Fameck Rescue Centers Hayange and Algrange, a nurse and doctor, took charge of those who inhaled fumes to control the CO2 rate.

The fire did not cause any injuries but heavy damage was found in the kitchen of the apartment in question. The tenants, a family of six, to be relocated to a close family.

The Avenue de Metz, between the intersection with the rue de Gascogne and the rue Saint-Exupéry, was closed to emergency traffic. Gas and electricity were cut. The situation is normal income after 17:30.

The gendarmes were present at the scene as well as Alessandro Bernardi, deputy mayor in charge of security.

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