an international festival, “La Marmite”, to promote African cuisine

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Le Fesma or International Festival “La marmite” (casserole in French), opened this Tuesday in Lomé, the Togolese capital, with the main objective of promoting African cuisine and highlighting its various actors, “from fork to fork ”.

“African cuisine: the issues of local consumption and new ways of eating” is the central theme chosen for the festival which is in its first edition, with the participation of chefs from Gabon, Cameroon, the Coast of Ivory Coast, Benin and Togo.

Until May 15, they will host fairs, conferences, master classes to, said promoter Jean Paul Agbo Ahouelété, “bring back to life the African culinary practices that tend to disappear but have some in the gastronomy African ”.

There will also be culinary demonstrations that the diverse audience will be called upon to taste and adopt in the face of the various current food crises and stay healthy.

“Eating, indeed, is for billions of people around the world, a luxury that requires reflection due to the absence of choice. It is therefore necessary to truly rethink the food chain, from production to consumption, putting at the heart of our reflection, health and the satisfaction of the food needs of humanity and of Africa in particular. he stated in an opening speech of the premier act of the festival at the University of Lomé.

This is an international symposium that brings together African university chefs and scientists in the university’s auditorium to consider possible solutions to “anticipate the urgency of what will be tomorrow” in the face of “risk.” growing hunger for humanity and Africa in particular ”.

The consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, for example, with the growing price of wheat, for example, call for alternative solutions.

In this case, a master class on “the use of alternative flours to make bread or pizza, such as cassava, sorghum or millet flour” will be on the agenda of this festival.

«Le Fesma is for us an occasion to celebrate and to encourage the blending of gastronomic cultures, to promote a healthy diet for Africa and Africa. Because many of our diseases find their cause in food, ”Agbo-Ahouelete added.

Komlan Batawila, first vice-president of the University of Lomé, welcomed “an initiative that allows us to cross our eyes under the science and gastronomy couple in Africa”.

He said that putting this symposium on gastronomy at the beginning of the festival even testifies to the importance of “the very notion of gastronomic heritage” in the development of the health issues of African people.

“This colloquium allows for the dialogue of several disciplines and more scientific perspectives in order to propose approaches to implement solutions to promote African gastronomy,” said Prof Batawila.

The launch ceremony was presided over by Pierre Kossi Lamadokou, the Togolese Minister of Culture and Tourism.

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