An open kitchen for a jet-packed interior

An open cuisine that blends completely into your interior space? With Cuisines Krëfel, you are in a good place to make this piece a real gem of design and practicality.

In the 1990’s, kitchens were mostly “separate” pieces. Tile in dull or bright colors, neon, yellow formica furniture, disparate appliances … The important thing was the sidepractical and functional. Aesthetics? She was coming far behind. After all, all you had to do was close the door. But that was before. The kitchen is now one ambient piece and the trend is opening up. We come here to chat, have a drink, telecommute, cook together. So it is only natural that she should be seen and that she should be extended to the rest of the house, encroaching on the living room, dining room, and laundry room. More comments to keep visual coherence between such different living rooms?

“Hide these devices I can’t see”

If you want a kitchen that blends into your interior, consider this room as one decoration element as tel. Understand: everything that stings the eye, we hide! Built-in what is built-in (dishwasher, fridge, oven) and think of the articulated flap cabinets, which make it possible to hide the coffee machine or the robot for easy exits as soon as needed. Good plus elegant than all those devices that clutter the worktop.

The need for an island

IT’central island This is the quintessential unity factor, the one that creates the bridge between your kitchen and your living / dining room. But at the same time, this hyper-useful block marks a certain idea of ​​separation. In short, the best of both worlds. Accessible on all sides, it allows you to sit down, cook or place aperitif trays. You can even make a bar on one side for lunch in peace or work on your laptop (never far from the fridge to counteract the bumps)

The laundry is no longer sulking

Cleverly designed, this tote piece can often become one extra storage space appreciable (with the placement of high cabinets, shelves and drawers for supplies, utensils, waste sorting, etc.). The secret? Adoptor the same style and the same material that in the kitchen, so that it passes through the pieces is fluid. If the laundry room adjoins your kitchen, it can also be used as aextension concrete. In this case, it is more logical to divide the elements into two parts. You can even open or pierce the walls, for a much more spacious look.

Consistency is key

To make the transition between the living room and the kitchen consistent, everything is done by eye. Opt for identical colors and materials, or imagine combinations that work. The flooring can be used for visual link between the two pieces for one nice continuity. Use the same facades as your kitchen cabinets for TV cabinet or match the top of your dining table to your worktop for example. You can play with the details, motifs and touches of color scattered here and there in your kitchen and living space. At Chez Cuisines Krëfel, you will find not only the upscale kitchens, but also the furniture fully coordinated with the chosen type of kitchen.

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Krëfel kitchen

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This article was written in close collaboration with Krëfel kitchen.

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