an uncontrollable dog shot down by a gendarme in the Marne

A gendarme shot a Belgian shepherd dog, of the Malinois type, this Tuesday morning in front of the gendarmerie of Châlons-en-Champagne (Marne). The animal and one of its congeners had attacked a spaniel walking by its 66-year-old owner. Le molosse avait saisi sa proiet à la gorge when two soldiers intervened to try to stop them, he says


The hospital and the vet

The Malinois found it impossible to control, so one of the gendarmes fired. Severely affected but still alive, the attacked dog was taken to the vet. Her mistress was taken care of by firefighters and taken to hospital after falling on her back when she fell.

Le propriétaire des bergers belges arrived on the spot after the attack started and managed to control the best animal. A digression investigation has been launched. The Malinois allegedly escaped the surveillance of their master by leaving a courtyard where work was taking place.

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