And why not snails?

In fricassée cu Alain, in small bites with our chef, or in crumble, we cooked the snails to remind you that this weekend will be the snail festival, 31st edition, in Gerbéviller.

Chef Notre

Thierry VINCENT, chef and master chef, runs the creperie on Rue des Pontes.

One day a trade

Yannick Martineau is a producer at the Marché Central de Nancy and also at Toul. He told us about white cheese and he reminded us that we could have snails with Roquefort.

Our culinary expert

Stéphane “barbecue” is the most famous barbecue fan in France. He has made it his specialty and he leads a huge community on the net. He explained to us how to cook snails on the barbecue …

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