Animal wandering: “I lost almost € 25,000, but it touches my heart more than the wallet,” says Serge, a breeder

New attack of stray dogs in Reunion, horses were killed in the heights of Sainte-Rose. Livestock are regularly the target of these attacks. Four years ago, there were an estimated 73,000 stray dogs in public space in La Réunion.

A dog attack is once again in the news. Chevaux de Serge, éleveurs in les hauts de Sainte-Rose, were once again attacked by dogs. The breeder had already lost two horses last April.

Financially we take a hit, but when we see that, it touches more on the heart than the wallet. If I really count the losses I’ve had lately, it’s between 20,000 and 25,000 euroslaments the breeder.

Angry breeders

A little further on, the same scenario occurred at Serge’s neighbor. Chicken carcasses litter the ground. Last Monday, Eric lost about 50 birds. The breeder is desperate, this is the second attack in 6 months.

How to act, how to attack these dogs? Are there really effective pitfalls for them? I don’t know if we have to act on our own, in any case we are very angry“explains Eric, the student.

Livestock attacks have been on the rise in recent months. In St. Andrew’s, a stray cat devoured two fawns last week. On Monday, chickens were eaten at the Ravine des Cabris.

Strong measures

For the Dominique Clain union, strong measures must be taken, in the image of the prefecture of Mayotte, which authorizes the slaughter of stray dogs by firearms. “Slaughtering is a solution, but the owners of these dogs should be punished more. These naked dogs do not go astray on their own“says the union.

For the time being, the prefecture does not want to adopt this measure. “It does not prepare to allow individuals or wolverines to shoot stray dogs. In terms of combating animal wandering, the state decided in 2017 to come in support of the action of the five local inter-municipal structures, and finances a three-year plan amounting to 735,000 euros“, indicates the prefecture.

Other solutions

On the other hand, animal welfare associations believe that these attacks can be curbed by other means. “Educating the population, fighting against dog breeding and against abandonment. Euthanasia can only be considered as a last resort, when the animals are extremely dangerous, when they have returned to the wild.“, Cécile Squarzoni, President of the Apeba.

The Prefecture has identified nearly 73,000 stray dogs in our territory. On average, 8,000 dogs are captured by fourrière. The vast majority is then euthanasia.


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