Anti-waste cooking tips at La Condamine market

Monaco City Council is organizing two anti-waste cooking workshops at the Condamine market on Wednesday 11 May. They will be animated by Elisa Alberto, a specialist in the field.

Each workshop will last about 1:15 and will consist of a short theoretical part and then the practical part with the preparation of an “anti-waste” recipe.

The first workshop, at 3 pm, proposes the creation of a beet-based snack: “Beet energy balls”. The second, at 4.45 pm, will focus on the preparation of an aperitif consisting of “Falafels” based on carrots and sweet potatoes. Fewer dishes will be taken away by the participants.

Learn to cook with vegetable peels

In addition to making the general public aware of food waste, this workshop aims to demonstrate that cooking with vegetable peels is safe for health and allows you to compose delicious food without throwing anything away.

Elisa Alberto, in charge of the anti-waste platform “Ecoslowasting”, was our “Guest”. Find your podcast interview.

Practical information on anti-waste cooking workshops at the Condamine market:

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 3:00 and 4:45 p.m .;
Free, upon mandatory registration: [email protected]

Limited places, 10 people per workshop.

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